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it’s been busy between posts!

I’ve been so busy with life and creating and quilting. Here is ,y latest design called Wedge Wise:

Photo: This one is called Wedge Wise.  My favorite so farIt hasn’t been quilted in this pic, just completed here, but it’s finished and let me tell you, it’s beautiful. I think my best design so far! I will post the finished product when done with the binding!

So here is a quilt completely finished and soon ready for immediate download; It’s called Looking Glass

Photo: Looking Glass Quilt

It’s a very fun colorful quilt with stained glass window panels. Love it!

Here is my daughter with a gift for teacher appreciation:

It’s a fun Dr. Seuss quilt. It’s the teachers favorite character. She loved it!

We got a little distracted with the Science fair project! But it’s done!

Here is my newest ink. We lost my mom in dec. she was from new Zealand – hence the kiwi with Maori flair. 

 From this… to this…  

with the older one. He loves cookies!

So as you can see with the peak into my life it’s been a tad bit busy.

Oh, here is the link to my to my etsy page with my patterns. I have them on sale right now for instant downloadable patterns so far – check it out:


like us on facebook, check ,mout on twitter at: https://twitter.com/thehopperco and on pintrest. See you there and drop me a line, I would LOVE to hear from u!


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