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Completed Quilts

Im sooo excited to show you the results of a labor of love, here is Wedge Wise:

Don’t you just love it!   This is my favorite creation yet!  This will soon be available on etsy n craftsy as soon as I get the pattern written up.  I will share the link with you when it’s up.

Here is Movin’ Up:

I really love the modern feel to this. It flow soooo beautifully. Sooo to be available as well.

Last but not least….Furrows

Isn’t she pretty, another fun modern design.


I couldn’t have made these without my talented quilters: Karen, Lori, & Becky.

A huge thanks to my friend Debbee who graciously does my binding. She is a God send. I have been soooo busy with pattern writing and construction these would get delayed….she is a wis at binding, that girl does it soooo fast and you can’t see the stitches or anything.

See you later, Kris 🙂



One comment on “Completed Quilts

  1. I love your designs, I can’t wait for the patterns…keep up the great inspiration!

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