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Packing, loading, driving, moving!

My family life has been a little crazy, ok a lot crazy these past weeks. Sorry for the silence but life took over! We were packing, purging, prying toys from little hands etc. So were are now moved but our furniture hasn’t followed yet, so still in transit. Then drove like a crazy woman in a Suburban packed to the gills two young ones and all their stuff, my stuff and two dogs… oh boy was that ever fun….no….it was LONG!!! I’ve made the drove before, but I must have forgotten the real distance.

Anyways, we arrived safely and even did some sight seeing along the way! We stopped in Leadville, Co. to see the Tabor Opera house. Here are a few pics….

Tabor Opera House, Leadville, Co.

The Matchless Mine


Horace Tabor was my Grandmothers uncle

Anyways that’s a little family history!

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