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Apologies; A Long time between posts..sorry


Actually it has been even longer that a long time between posts! At first I felt guilty for not posting … then after a while I almost forgot about blogging altogether … except for the many emails that I have received checking up to make sure we are OK. All has been well … just very, very busy … combined with a little blog overload.

 So, all is well, just unpacking and setting up a new household!

planting garden and that project went from one area to all around my house..no kidding! 


to be honest I haven’t done any quilting, I know,  just been so busy with moving and getting ready for the next school year and household stuff…ugh!

Missing my now so young baby….Image

Soooo proud of him, graduating, and enlisting into the US Marines, so he is officially a Poole, they have started training and is grilling, in a mom as opinion, but he Loves it!

So, as you saw above I’ve been busy making my renditions of garden art and canning blueberry n blackberry jam.  They turned out delicious!


so, I will be getting back into quilting, I’m actually going to the Long Beach quilt show next weekend, I’m really looking forward to it.



so,  what have you been up to? Let me know.  Happy creating! kris

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