Sweet Release

Quilt Festival

Hello all, Coming to you live from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Loveland, Co.  Having a wonderful time meeting quilters gathering ideas and having fun!   A big hit is my pattern Sassy Girl Apron, I have the pattern and kits available and people are going gaga over it!    The. Show runs from […]

The Hopper Co.

Apologies; A Long time between posts..sorry

Actually it has been even longer that a long time between posts! At first I felt guilty for not posting … then after a while I almost forgot about blogging altogether … except for the many emails that I have received checking up to make sure we are OK. All has been well … just very, […]

Packing, loading, driving, moving!

My family life has been a little crazy, ok a lot crazy these past weeks. Sorry for the silence but life took over! We were packing, purging, prying toys from little hands etc. So were are now moved but our furniture hasn’t followed yet, so still in transit. Then drove like a crazy woman in […]

Alot of new patterns to share!!!!!

Here is a link to my pattern store; there you will find all of my current patterns! Here are some of my newest ones: This one is called Movin Up…its a great modern quilt with wonderful pops f color I really love it on the white background. I had a lot of fun designing […]